Environmental Management Policy

Basic Policy
ASAI Group considers global environmental conservation as the most important issue in society, and in order to make a recyclable society possible, we engage in company activity which considers the environment, base our management philosophy on an altruist spirit, and share wisdom among all employees to strive for high “environment quality” and “customer satisfaction enhancement.” Also, we contribute to the realization of a sustainable and developable society that can provide a bright and bountiful life for the people.

Action Principles

1. Implementation and ongoing improvement of an environment management system

By implementing an environmental management system, evolving the management structure into an “environmental management system,” setting environmental goals and targets, and systematically engaging in actions, we shall continually improve environmental conservation. Also, we shall conduct environmental education, enhance the environmental awareness among all employees, and engage in environmental conservation activities.

2. Development and sales of environment-friendly products
We strive for the improvement of environmental efficiency via development and application of products and technology that respond to expectations and demand for reducing the environmental burden of the customer.
- Production, sales, and service for energy conserving production equipment such as servo motor presses and fine blanking presses.

3. Promotion of environment-friendly product manufacturing
In addition to preventing environmental pollution, reducing waste material, and promoting recycling throughout the entire manufacturing process, we reduce impracticality, waste, and irregularity throughout all of our business endeavors and commit to a higher level of energy conservation. Furthermore, we build attractive and safe work environments that are environment-friendly and garner high praise from customers, and strive for the conservation of an excellent environment as a member of local society.

4. Compliance with environmental laws
We shall comply with all related laws, accords, demand items agreed to by our company, and voluntary standards pertaining to environmental management items, and exert the maximum effort to respond to customer demand.


Shigeharu Asai
President, Asai Group
Feb. 1, 2007


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