NC Die Cushion (Pat.)

Wrinkle prevention using
a typical hydraulic die cushion
Wrinkle prevention using
a typical pneumatic die cushion

Wrinkle prevention
with the Asai NC die cushion

Benefits of the NC die cushion

Reduced fraction defective
In the deep drawing process, the holding surface pressure to avoid wrinkling is an important factor. By using the NC die cushion, the holding force can be freely set to control the holding surface pressure, which as a result enables a wider forming range with a reduced fraction defective.
Reduced forming processes
A controlled holding surface pressure improves the drawing rate.
Energy saving
By setting the holding force close to the limit of the wrinkling area, the energy required to form the blank as well as the rise in hydraulic oil temperature can be minimized.
Increased potential to produce high value-added products
It is also quite effective in processing products with shapes and materials which are difficult to form. In addition to die technologies, NC data will accumulate as forming “know-how.”
Prompt production start-ups
The NC data, as an additional factor, can be changed in order to provide different forming conditions — which facilitates a wider range of trial forming. By trying various conditions through changing NC data before actual modification of dies, it is possible to clarify the range of die modification.
Reduction in material costs
Lower-grade or thinner materials may be used.
The holding force can be set
so that it varies in line
with the drawing process
Example of controller screen

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