NC Cushion Controller Replacement

Do you have problems like these with your NC cushion controller?
  • Screen display has become dim and unclear.
  • There are horizontal lines on the screen.
  • The screen is too dark to see.
  • Data storage capacity is full, and you want to increase it.
The controller you are currently using is no longer in production. We recommend replacement with an up-to-date touch-screen type as soon as possible. (Should an unexpected breakdown occur, it would take 2-3 months for recovery.)


Before replacement
After replacement

Advantages for customers

These additional functions will improve productivity.*1 *2

  • 500 forming patterns can be stored. (in a Compact Flash card)
  • Easily-viewable display: 10.4-inch color LCD
  • Easy operation: you can operate the device by simply touching the touchscreen panel.
  • Other: trouble monitor, I/O monitor teaching functions and more are available.
Pattern Storage Monitor
Trouble Monitor
Cushion Monitor

*1 The sequencer for the main machine may need a special replacement depending on its type.

*2 A sequencer will be added if the NC cushion alone is remodeled.

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