Sequencer Replacement

  • Manufacturer support services for certain sequencers are no longer available. (Support ended as of March 2000 for the Omron SYSMAC S6, April 2000 for the Omron M5R, and March 2006 for the Omron C20.) For this reason, customers are requested to have these sequencers replaced with the new Mitsubishi A-Series type as soon as possible.
  • Downtime due to an unexpected breakdown of the sequencer will be 2-3 months since repair requires hardware/software preparation and assembly work.


No additional space or any other layout change in the control panel is needed for the replacement. So it takes only a short time to carry out the replacement work.

Advantages for customers

  • Downtime caused by an unexpected breakdown of the sequencer (chiefly due to its product life) can be avoided. Consequently, productivity can be maintained and the risk of delayed delivery can be avoided.
  • The total cost is low compared to replacement following a breakdown.
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