Hydraulic Presses

HD/HCS Series

Small C-frame Hydraulic Presses

・Highly versatile C-frame hydraulic presses
・Lineup having pressing capacities from 50kN to 1000kN
・In-line use is also possible as well as stand-alone operations
・The small but solid structure has been highly rated


H/H-TR Series

Hydraulic Presses for Deep Drawing / Cold Forging

・Available in two types: For Deep Drawing / For Cold Forging
・Equipped with the “EAGLE System” motion controller
・Perfectly matched with NC die cushion (deep drawing type)
・Also available are customized specifications such as incorporation of tandem lines and utilization of transfer systems

NX Series

Hydraulic Link Motion Presse

・Productivity of mechanical presses and formability by hydraulic presses can now go together
・Operations that require large amounts of energy can be performed
・Speed control and pressure retention is possible
・Can be used for plastic forming and cold forging

PRT Series

Hydraulic Trial Presses for Deep Drawing / Cold Forging

・Suitable for trial data collection and prototyping
・Easy to use and safe as with the H series
・The “EAGLE System” and NC die cushions can be incorporated
・Can be used as back-up machines for production presses

SMC Series

Sheet-stamping Presses

・High-speed hydraulic presses for plastic forming
・Capable of high-speed approach, high-speed pressing, and long time retention
・Thermoplastic and thermosetting resins can be processed
・Can be equipped with hydraulic pressure sources for cores

TP Series

Trimming Presses

・Suitable for trimming automotive interior materials and plastic molded parts
・Equipped with a high-speed moving bolster
・Can be combined with an unloader
・A side-piercing circuit is also available

B Series

Hydraulic Presses for Can Making and Sheet-metal Forming

・Suitable for the bending and smoothing of large steel products
・Low-speed, precise manipulation is possible


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