Servo Presses

NX-FB/EX-FB Series

Servo Controlled Fine Blanking Presses

・Fine blanking presses
・Available in 1000kN and 2500kN capacities
・The “Falcon System” motion controller has been employed
・Servo control enables an ideal slide motion

ESP Series    《selling discontinued》

Servo Motor Presses

・Ultra-precision AC servo-controlled presses
・4-Post Type and C-Frame Type are available
・100-400kN product lineup

EFP Series

High-precision Hydraulic Presses

・Electrohydraulic servo-controlled presses
・Ideal for precision forming with high-precision control and high-rigidity frames
・Enables ultra-slow forming that cannot be achieved with traditional presses

*"Good Design Prize 2007 ", Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization


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