Service & Maintenance

We appropriately respond to our customer’s needs and questions by analyzing prospective needs in addition to the problems that the customer is facing regarding the press.

*Early replacement of the following components is recommended in order to prevent significant downtime due to sudden failure.

Support services for the sequencer (Omron SYSMAC S36/M5R/C20) are no longer available.
- Sequencer Replacement
Production of the NC cushion controller has been ended.
- Controller Replacement
  • Consultation about trouble and maintenance
  • Specified voluntary inspection (legal inspection), manufacturer inspection
  • Repair work
  • Estimation/arrangements for consumables and spare parts
  • Relocation work (disassemble, reassemble, adjustment, test run, etc.)
  • Remodeling and replacement
  • Addition of safety devices (photoelectric type sensing device, safety pole, slide lock, etc.)
  • Additional functions (shock absorber, NC die cushion, low-pressure cushion, die height indicator, etc.)

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